592 State Route 2, Shelburne, New Hampshire 03581, United States

(603) 466-5049

Rattle River Lodge

Located on the Appalachian Trail, we're the spot for outdoor enthusiasts!

Common Hostel Questions from Hikers

Hiker Information to Help in the White Mountains:


YES! We accept your mail-drops! Clearly label the side of your box with your last name in big letters and your ETA. This is free whey you stay with us. Otherwise it's $5.00 per box.

*Mailing address: 592 US2 Shelburne, NH 03581. Please label the side of the box in large letters with your last name and ETA!


YES! You can park your vehicle with us. While you stay it's free. We do have limited parking. It is $5/day if you are not staying with us. Payment will be collected on first day. Otherwise the Rattle River Trail head has parking 1/4 mile East on U.S. 2.


- First night $37. Return visits $35. 

- Shuttles included: Resupply shuttle to Walmart (16 mile round trip). We stop at Vashaw's Variety to create your own craft beer six pack. Pinkham Notch pick-up and drop-off, morning post office/Sport Center/gas station (gear) shuttle.

- Food included: All you can eat pancake breakfast and coffee. Gluten free oatmeal available.

- Sleeping arrangements: Our oak bunk beds have comfortable mattresses, clean linens, and 2 pillows. 

- Comforts included: We cut and and stack firewood for your enjoyment in our campfire pit in the back yard with a nice deep pond filled with that good clean mountain water. The entire property has solid fiber internet (Currently up to 100MB Upload and 100MB Download) and WiFi that handles very well during peak times. 

- Bonus: OUTSTANDING customer service! We are here to serve you because we adore our hikers because we are hikers! We love this life.  We work hard to keep our hostel clean, comfortable, safe, and welcoming. We give you what we can plus we are continually improving and updating to make our hostel better for future hikers!



Pinkham Notch to Rattle River Hostel

  • This 21 mile slack pack is one of the most challenging slack packs you will encounter on the Appalachian Trail. 
  • Be sure to have the essentials - headlamp, phone, maps, warm layers, water, food.
  • Text the hostel if you run into problems: 715-557-1736.
  • If you encounter a problem and need to get off trail, then use the 19 Mile Brook Trail, Stoney Brook Trail, or IMP trails. These will get you back to HWY 16 and are relatively easy outs.
  • We suggest for your safety that if you feel it’s too challenging to do this hike over 1 or 2 nights, then you let us hold whatever items you don’t want to bring with you. Just put them in a bag, put your name on it, and hand it to staff member. 
    • Option 1: Hike to Carter Hut, stay the night. Hike to IMP shelter, stay the night. Hike back to Rattle River Hostel on the 3rd day.
    • Option 2: Hike 13 miles to Camp Imp, stay the night. Hike back to Rattle River Hostel on the 2nd day.

Mount Washington Slack Pack (SOBO)

  • This is recommended if you are having difficulty with your knees. Mount Madison can be brutal on them when you descend it with a full pack.
  • At the top of Mt. Washington shuttles ($30.00) will take you up and down the mountain. The Auto Road shuttle will take you back down to the base. You can call us from the base, and we will pick you up ($5). The Auto Road will take you back to the summit of Mt. Washington the next day with the same shuttle ticket.

Other Slackpacking Options

  • Human Nature Hostel, Rangely, ME
    • Free between East B Hill and South Arm Rd with second night stay
  • Hikers Welcome Hostel, Glencliff, NH
    • 10 mile hike over Mt. Moosilauke, from Glencliff to Beaver Brook Trailhead
    • 16-mile hike over the Kinsman Range, from Beaver Brook to Flume Visitor Center, or Liberty Springs Trailhead to Beaver Brook
    • Free Scheduled shuttles with 2nd nights stay
      • NoBo - Free drop off at 7:30 am at Beaver Brook, pick up at 5:30 pm at Flume Visitor Center
      • SoBo - Free drop off at 7:45 am at Liberty Spring Trailhead, pick up at 5:50 pm at Beaver Brook
  • Rattle River Lodge and Hostel, Shelburne, NH
    • 21- mile hike over Carter Moriah Range, from Pinkham Notch back to the hostel
    • Free with second night stay
  • Field Stone Cottages (Formerly The Farmhouse), Rangely, ME
    • Offers 4 slack packs 
    • They also own the Stratton Motel.
  • Pine Ellis Hostel, Andover, ME
    • Pick up at Grafton Notch)


YES! We offer many daily shuttles! Please see details under our "Shuttles" tab!


If on trail, call us at 603-466-5049 to request pick up.

Guests: The shuttle sign-up board is located in the pack room.

*Shuttles depart on time!*

Please sign-up prior to shuttle departure and be ready at the front of the pack room.

We have many shuttles that run every weekday, June 1st - October 15th.


Businesses that support hikers!

  1. Mr. Pizza, 603-466-5573, www.mrpizzanh.com. Sunday - Thursday 11AM-11PM, Friday & Saturday 11AM-Midnight. Delivery available until 10PM.
  2. Gorham Hardware & Sports Center, 603-466-9900. Monday -Friday 8AM-5PM, Saturday 8AM-4PM, Sunday 8AM-1PM.
  3. SAaLT PUB,  Wednesday - Sunday starting at 5PM. Reserve Libby's 603-466-5330 Friday and Saturday starting at 5PM.
  4. Nonna’s Kitchen, Homemade Italian Food, 19 Exchange Street, Gorham, 603-915-9203. Open May-October, Wednesday - Sunday 4PM-9PM.
  5. Dynasty Buffet, 310 Main Street Gorham, 603-466-9888, Monday - Thursday 11AM-9PM, Friday and Saturday 11AM-930PM, Sunday 11AM-9PM.
  6. Post Office, 165 Main St., Gorham, NH 03581-9998, Monday - Friday 830AM-5PM, Saturday 830AM-12PM.
  7. J’s Corner Restaurant and Lounge, 603-466-5132, 277 Main Street, Gorham, Sunday - Thursday 11AM-9PM, Friday and Saturday 11AM-10PM.
  8. Vashaw’s Variety, 603-466-5008, 302 Main Street, Gorham, Monday - Friday 530-9PM, Saturday 6AM-9PM, Sunday 7AM-9PM. (CRAFT BEER MAKE YOUR OWN SIX PACKS!) 
  9. North Country Dental, 22 Exchange Street, Gorham, 603-466-5015, Monday - Friday 830AM-5PM.
  10. Walmart, 561 Main Street, Gorham, NH, Monday - Sunday 6AM-10PM.
  11. Road Hawg BBQ Swine Dining, 603-915-9242, 195 Main St, Gorham, NH 03581, 11AM - 10PM.



Dining room common space for hikers to share their White Mountain adventure stories.

Dining room common space for hikers to share their White Mountain adventure stories.

Shuttle Services

Hostels that offer additional paid shuttles

Local Shuttle Services

Rattle River Lodge and Hostel- Private Shuttles

  • Distance: Varies depends on availability 
  • Rates: on average $2.00 per mile
  • Hours: based on availability 
  • Capacity: 4 or 10 
  • Reservations make it easier but are not always necessary

Notch Hostel - 603-348-1483 - www.notchhostel.com North Woodstock/Lincoln - Private shuttles

  • Distances: Varies depends on availability
  • Rates: on average $2.00 a mile
  • Hours: based on availability
  • Capacity: 4, groups of 5-7 have separate pricing

Shuttle Connection- Lincoln, NH. For reservations: (603) 348-7422 for driver/pick up: (603) 745-3140. Info@theshuttleconnection.com

  • Distances- If looking for a longer shuttle run you MUST arrange for it in advance.
  • Rates: In Town $6 each/person, Liberty Spring $10/person, Lafayette Campground $25. Don’t have set mileage price call reservation number to get prices
  • Crawford Notch - Call reservation number (603-348-7422) to set up
  • Hours: Sun-Thurs 6:30-12. Fri - Sat 6:30am -2AM
  • Capacity: ?
  • Pets: ?
  • Reservation Needed: For long distances, example Lincoln to Crawford Notch

Notch Taxi Service: Littleton, NH (603) 991-8777 www.notchtaxiservice.com

  • Distances: Service between Franconia Notch and Crawford Notch and to/from Manchester, NH airport. Daily Operation
  • Rates: In area - Lincoln, Crawford (free pick up) $2.50/mile
  • Out of area: Pinkam Notch (Pick-up $25) $2.50/mile
  • Hours: 5am-11PM (Reservations allow flexibility in hours)
  • Capacity: up to 6
  • Pets: ?
  • Reservations needed

Mountain Courier Shuttle: 207-329-6433

Apex Airport and Transportation Services: (603) 252-8294

  • Distances: To or from Hanover area - has shuttles as far as baxter
  • Rates: Set rates for trailheads in hanover area
  • Hours: 8am -5pm
  • Capacity:Max 4
  • Pets: Yes
  • Reservation needed: 1 day advance

Trail Angels Hiker Services: 603-252-8294

  • Distances: Based out of Berlin, NH, will travel to Baxter
  • Hours: 7am - 8PM, call hours are 7am - 6pm
  • Capacity: 6
  • Pets: Yes
  • Reservation needed: At least a week (or preferably two) notice in July/Aug/Sept and a few days the rest of the month. Cancellation police is 7 days prior to pick up

Bruce, Gorham, NH (504)-615-9497

  • Distances: Far as Baxter, airport, trail heads
  • Rates: He has suggested rates, but he is the cheapest around.
  • Hours: 7AM to 8PM
  • Capacity: ?
  • Pets: Yes
  • Reservation: Yes (Note usually shows up early)

Pine Ellis Lodge (207-392-4161) 20 Pine St, Andover, ME 

  • Distances: As far as the airport, trail heads, resupply
  • Hours: 7AM - 8PM
  • Capacity: Call 
  • Pets: Call
  • Reservation Needed: Yes

Field Stone Cottages (207) 864-3113, 2342, Main Street, Rangely ME 04970

  • Distances: up to Baxter and airport, trail heads
  • Hours: 8-8
  • Capacity: 6-7
  • Pets: Case by case basis
  • Reservations Needed: Yes

Rattle River Hostel overs shuttles all over the White Mountains.

Rattle River Hostel overs shuttles all over the White Mountains.