592 State Route 2, Shelburne, New Hampshire 03581, United States

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Located on the Appalachian Trail, we're
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We have an 11 passenger van and a 4 passenger SUV. (Our shuttles may have limited availability due to demand and operate on a first come, first serve basis.)

592 State Route 2, Shelburne, New Hampshire 03581, United States

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 DAILY SHUTTLES (free for guests)


Depart Hostel at 7:30 AM. Arrive at Pinkham Notch by 7:50 AM.

(Drop-offs at Stoney Brook, Imp, Great Gulf, and 19 Mile Brook Trailheads available upon request.)


Depart Hostel at 8:30 AM. Arrive at Post Office / Outfitter by 8:40 AM.


Depart Hostel at 12:00 PM. Walmart pickup return at 1:15 PM; town pickup return at 1:30 PM.

(If you went into town on this shuttle, pickup returns are at Road Hawg BBQ Swine Dining at 1:30 PM.)

*Vashaw’s Variety has a nice selection of beer and make your own six packs!


Depart Hostel at 5:00 PM. Arrive at Walmart by 5:15 PM. Pickup return at Walmart at 6:15 PM.


1. WILDCAT SLACKPACK (Pinkham Notch to Hostel)

Depart Hostel at 7:30 AM. Arrive at Pinkham Notch by 7:50 AM.

*The Wildcat Slackpack is a 21 mile section of the Appalachian Trail between Pinkham Notch and Rattle River Trailhead. It includes Carter Dome and Mount Moriah.

*This is one of the most challenging slack packs on the Appalachian Trail and hikers should expect a traverse of 7-12 hours.

*Free with stay; $20 otherwise.

*If you need to get off trail, use the 19 Mile Brook, Stoney Brook, or IMP trails. These trails lead to SR 16 and are relatively easy outs.

*For safety, if you think this slack pack presents too much of a challenge, then we suggest you attempt it over a period of 2 or 3 days:

  • Option 1 (2 days): Hike 13 miles to Imp campsite, stay the night. Hike back to Hostel on the 2nd day.
  • Option 2 (3 days): Hike to Carter Hut, stay the night. Hike to Imp campsite, stay the night. Hike back to Hostel on the 3rd day.


*Pickup / drop off at 7:50 AM (scheduled), 12:00 PM (by request), 5:00 PM (by request). (These three times free w/ stay. $5 per non-guest ONLY for 7:50 AM time spot; otherwise it is an unscheduled shuttle. See below for the unscheduled Pinkham Notch rate.)

*Any request for an unscheduled Pinkham Notch pickup should be made at least two hours in advance. Bad reception? Just call from the Visitor Center!

3. MAHOOSUC TRAVERSE SOBO (Grafton Notch to Hostel)

Depart Hostel at 4:00 AM. Arrive at Grafton Notch by 5:00 AM.

*The Mahoosuc Traverse is a 31 mile, 10,000 ft of elevation gain section of the Appalachian Trail between ME 26 at Grafton Notch and US 2 near to Rattle River Trailhead. It includes Old Speck Mountain, a 4,000+ ft peak, and Mahoosuc Notch, a one mile boulder scramble.

*This is a rough and difficult section of trail and we suggest its slackpack is for serious and well conditioned runners and hikers. Hikers should plan for a 24 hour traverse.

*While we can offer recommendations for a successful hike, the hiker is ultimately responsible for their planning and attempt of the Mahoosuc Traverse. (Any pickup between Grafton Notch and US 2 would result in an additional shuttle fee.)

*Any request for the Mahoosuc Traverse requires at least 48 hours notice and a confirmation from the Hostel.

*Cost: with stay, $110 (up to three) + $25 EAP (call to ask about any special or group rates)

4. PRESIDENTIAL TRAVERSE NOBO (Hostel to Crawford Notch; then Valley Way Trailhead to Hostel)

Depart Hostel at 7:30 AM on Pinkham Notch shuttle. Arrive at Crawford Notch by 8:20 AM.

*The Presidential Traverse is a 22 mile, 9,000 ft of elevation gain section of the Appalachian Trail between Crawford Notch at SR 302 and Rattle River Trailhead at US 2. It traverses (7) of the presidential mountains (Pierce, Eisenhower, Monroe, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison).

*A typical length of hike is 1-2 days.

*Call the Hostel when you arrive at the Valley Way Trailhead so to arrange a shuttle pickup return to the Hostel.

*Cost: with stay, $40 (up to three) + $10 EAP (call to ask about any special or group rates)


Cyclists—gear up those machines! Featuring the first tri-hostel White Mountains cycling tour, in partnership with The Notch and White Mountains Hostel, the White Mountains Circuit encompasses 130 miles of cycling, tracing a circuit between North Woodstock, Shelburne, and Conway. Click HERE for more information from the Notch Hostel.

OTHER SHUTTLES (continued)

19 Mile Brook Trail:  $15

Andover, ME:  $90

Appalachia:  $25

Austin Brook Trail (at US 2):  $10

*Austin Brook Trail (at Millbrook Road terminus): $20

Caratunk, ME:  $275

*Carlo Col:  $120

Crawford Notch:  $80

East B Hill, ME:  $100

Evan's Notch: $40

Franconia Notch:  $100

*Goose Eye:  $130

Grafton Notch:  $80

ME 17:  $220

ME 27:  $235

Millinocket, ME:  $420

Monson, ME:  $310

*Notch Trail:  $140

Pinkham Notch:  $20

Portland, ME Airport:  $190

Rangeley, ME:  $180

South Arm:  $110

*Speck Pond Trail: $150

Stoney Brook Trail:  $15

Stratton, ME:  $220

*Success Pond Trail:  $150

The Notch Hostel:  $115

(*Note: these are difficult roads due to frequent washouts so we include an extra charge.)


*Our shuttles run between June 1st and October 15th. Contact us to ask about availability and rates.

*Prices are per vehicle load with a maximum of 4 passengers on distance and difficult shuttles.

*We do not offer bus pickups as part of our program. (Any pickup from the bus station would require at least 24 hours notice and a confirmation from the Hostel.)

*The Rattle River Trailhead is approximately 1/4 mile from the Hostel driveway.

*We ask guests to please write their name on the shuttle sign-up board in the pack room prior to shuttle departure.

*We will hold any gear you don't want to carry on a slackpack.

*If a night's stay at an AMC hut or campsite does not fit into your plans, please be aware of the AMC backcountry camping rules.

Don't see your destination? That's okay! Anything not listed is generally but not always $2/mile (one-way) from the Hostel.

Don't be late! Shuttles depart on time!


Nearby hostels which also offer shuttle services:

  1. Notch Hostel, North Woodstock, NH. 603.348.1483. Shuttles by request. Check for availability. An outstanding Hostel
  2. Hikers Welcome Hostel, Glencliff, NH. 603.989.0040. Shuttles by request. Check for availability. Pet friendly. Open mid May-Oct 1
  3. Pine Ellis Lodge, Andover, ME. 207.392.4161. Shuttle to nearby towns, airport, and bus station. Ask about pets. Reservations required. 7 AM-8 PM
  4. Human Nature Hostel, Roxbury, ME. 207.408.8216. Shuttles from Gorham, Grafton Notch, and Rangely (fees may apply)
  5. Field Stone Cottages, Rangely, ME. 207.670.5507. Shuttle range between Gorham and Monson, including Baxter State Park. Shuttles to airports, bus stations, and car rental agencies in Portland, Bangor, Farmington, Augusta, and Waterville. Reservations required. Ask about pets. 8 AM-8 PM

Local shuttle services:

  1. Shuttle Connection, Lincoln, NH. 603.348.7422 (reservations), 603.745.3140 (driver / pickup). info@theshuttleconnection.com. Shuttles between Lincoln and Kinsman or Franconia notch, bus terminals & airports throughout NH. Call reservation number for prices. Arrange for long distance shuttles (i.e. Lincoln to Crawford Notch) well in advance. Sun-Th 6:30 AM-Midnight, F-Sat 6:30 AM-2 AM
  2. Notch Taxi Service, Littleton, NH. 603.991.8777. www.notchtaxiservice.com. Shuttle range between Franconia Notch and Crawford Notch, Lincoln, and to/from Manchester, NH airport. Out of area service (i.e. Pinkham Notch) includes pickup fee. Reservations required. 5 AM-11 PM
  3. Apex Airport and Transportation Services, 603.252.8294. Shuttles to/from Hanover area or as far as Baxter State Park. Set rates for trailheads in Hanover area. Requires at least 1 day notice. Pet friendly. 8 AM-5 PM
  4. Trail Angels Hiker Services, Berlin, NH. 603.252.8294. Shuttles to Baxter State Park. Requires at least one week (preferably two) notice for Jul/Aug/Sep. Cancellation policy is (7) days prior to pickup. Pet friendly. 7 AM-8 PM (call hours are 7 AM-6 PM)
  5. Bruce, Gorham, NH. 504.615.9497. Shuttles to Baxter State Park, Bangor Airport, and trailheads. Flexible rates. Reservations required. Pet friendly. 7 AM-8 PM
  6. Don (of The Cabin), Andover, ME. 207.392.1333. Long distance shuttles, often the least expensive option

Our shuttles range from Glencliff, NH to Monson, ME.
Our shuttles range from Glencliff, NH to Monson, ME.