592 State Route 2, Shelburne, New Hampshire 03581, United States

(603) 466-5049

Rattle River Lodge

Located ON the Appalachian Trail and a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts.


Shuttles have limited availability. No long distance shuttles on July 4th after 9am.

We have a 4 passenger SUV and a 11 passenger van

Rattle River Hostel

592 State Route 2, Shelburne, NH 03581, us

(603) 466-5049

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Shuttle Prices and Information


To request pick up: If on trail call us at 603-466-5049. 

Shuttle sign up board located in the pack room.  Shuttles depart on these times please sign up prior and be waiting front of pack room.

These shuttle run every weekday, June 1 - October 15th

FREE Pinkam Notch Drop Off

Depart 7:00 AM Arrive 7:50 AM

FREE Walmart Resupply Shuttle

Depart Hostel at 2:PM Pick up at Walmart 3:30 Depart Hostel 6:PM Pickup at Walmart 7:15 PM

(If you went to town at noon we do pick ups at the Gorham Hardware & Sports Center at 2;10 PM and bring guests to Wall-mart.)

FREE Gas Station/Post Office Run/Outfitter

8:30 AM

NOBO Slackpack (FREE with 2nd night)

Depart 7:00 AM

21 Miles, takes 7-12 hours, hike back to hostel from Pinkam Notch. *This is the most difficult slack pack on the Appalachian Trail. 10-12 hours is the average time. Not for the light hearted. 

Pinkham Notch Visitor Center

($5 PP  Noon and 5PM), FREE Pickup at 8AM

(unscheduled pickup $20.00)

If we do not just show up, please call from visitor center to inform us of pick up.

Town Shuttle/Chinese Buffet $2

Depart Noon Pick Up 2:30 PM

Pick up location Gorham Hardware and Sports Center.

Vashaw’s Variety has a nice selection of beer and make your own 6 packs!

Shuttle Services 

please call to book

19 Mile Brook Trail:   $15

Andover, ME:   $80

Appalachia:    $30

Austin Brook Trail:   $5

Caratunk, ME:   $250

*Carlo Col:   $140

Crawford Notch:  $80

East B Hill, ME:  $100

Franconia Notch:  $100

Grafton Notch:  $80

*Goose Eye 140

Mahoosic Trail:  $90

ME 17:    $130

ME 27:    $200

Millinocket, ME:  $450

Monson, ME:   $300

*Notch Trail:   $140

*Old Spec Trail:  $130

Pinkham Notch:   $20

Portland, ME Airport:  $300

Rangeley, ME:  $200

South Arm:   $100

Stony Brook Trail:   $15

Stratton, ME:   $210

*Success Pond Trail:   $150

The Notch Hostel:  $100

Rattle River Trail Head is approximately 1/4 Mile from the hostel's driveway. 

* This is considered difficult roads, with wash outs, extra charge is included because of difficulty.

Prices are per vehicle load with a maximum of 4  riders on distance on difficult  shuttles. 

Anything not listed is $2 mile one way from the hostel. 592 State Route 2, Shelburne.NH 03581

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